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How to watch DStv on up to 5 different devices

DStv offers all the latest entertainment and sports television has to offer.

A variety of channels to choose from it can be difficult to share the remote and can cause some conflict, with other members of the family.

As the heading states above, let’s see how we can mitigate that fighting and start watching what shows you prefer. DStv subscribers can view their favorite channel by using their smart devices.

With no additional costs to your subscription you can watch on multiple devices.

Have a solid internet connection (these days fibre is good enough) and download the DStv Now app to your smart device like smart phone, tablet, smart tv, etc. and start watching.

You can link and stream up to four different smart devices at the same time, and still have your decoder in the living room providing another alternative viewing option.

Read below on how to setup DStv on 5 devices.

How to setup DStv Now (How to add a device on DSTV now)

Go online to now.dstv.com and create an account (should you not have one)  by choosing a username and password.

Once the account has been created, download the dstv now app and log in using the details when creating your account. The DStv Now app can be installed on any smart device and connect to 4 devices. This will allow you to start streaming from your DStv account.

Your viewing content will be available to you based on your DStv subscription.

Standard TV

Connect your decoder to your television set (preferably the DStv Explora). This will allow to get the best out of your subscription and allow you to connect your decoder to the internet. This will allow you access to additional features like DStv Catch Up content and you can watch the full Showmax catalogue.

Laptop or desktop PC

Open your favourite browser and go to DStv Now website then log in with your DStv account details.

Once logged in click on Stream and you will be able to access your subscription bouquet that is available to you.

Watching on your Smartphone

Depending on your smart phone type, download the Dstv Now app from the store and log in with your details to start watching.

On a Tablet

The process is the same as for your smart phone, download the DStv Now app and install to start streaming your DStv content.

Both tablet and smartphone users can also download episodes to their devices and watch content offline when there is no internet connection.

Smart TV

SMART TV’s are becoming more popular in homes and you can install app to it as well. Install the DStv Now app and log in using your account credentials to start streaming.

Supported manufacturers include Samsung and LG, with Apple TV and Android media players also featuring support for the DStv Now app.

Note: you can watch DStv through your DStv Explora, as well as on 2 of your 5 devices at the same time.