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DSTV Signal Loss Correction

Why does my DStv lose reception or connection?

We would normally experience bad signal reception at the worst of times. In this brief article I will highlight what worked for me to resolve these issues.

Losing reception is normally the indication that the connection between the decoder and the satellite dish is faulty.  There could be various factors as to why you would lose your DStv signal.

The Weather

In these cases it is just something that you will have to bear with as the connection is via satellite. Anything blocking this connection will cause a drop in connection temporarily. In extreme bad weather you could experience temporary loss of connections for longer periods of time.

Bad Connection

With a bad connection you would still be able to watch some channels. You will find that other channels are not playing well and keeps dropping or searching for signal. This would be a good indication that your connection is not connected correctly.  Do some fact finding to find the problem. In most cases it would either be the connection between the decoder and the satellite dish or simply just cabling that has gone bad and needs to be replaced.

All channels loses connection

At times this could be the cabling between the decoder and the satellite dish. Again do a process of elimination to find the root cause. With these cases, most commonly it would be either the LNB (Low Noise Block) that is not in the correct direction. To fix this make sure the LNB is 53 degrees below the horizontal clockwise on the right hand side looking at the satellite dish. It could also be a result of a bad LNB that needs to be replaced should it be an old LNB.

During stormy weather the satellite dish could loose the alignment. 

There are a few way to rectify this.

  1. Look at your neighbor’s satellite dish and align it to the direction that theirs are facing.
  2. Have a TV set close by and see if there are any changes on the signal detection while moving the satellite dish into the correct position (or get someone to assist)
  3. Purchase a cheap signal detector that will beep when you find the correct angle to which the satellite dish should be facing.

Should you not able to connect and all your connection setting are correct then make sure that the error displayed on your TV set is the correct one that you are attending to.

Various errors can be fixed by either logging into your DStv account and resetting the error from there or alternatively contact the call a qualified DStv installer to come out and look at your installation.

Call the experts

Should all else fails and nothing seems to be working to get your signal back. Contact the professionals, our qualified technicians are just a phone call away. Alternative complete our online form and we will make contact with you to schedule a suitable time to come out to you.