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DSTV Installation Breamar

Breamar DSTV Installer is an accredited installer company. We provide you with efficient  service and affordable prices to our installations and upgrades. Customer support is very important to us and we always make sure that our clients are 100% satisfied with their installation. 

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We have fully trained and accredited DSTV installers in Breamar. Our technicians who are able to expertly assist in the installation of our DSTV products, CCTV installation and surround sound. We also do upgrades on existing DSTV and OVHD installations.

DSTV Installer has over 10 years of experience in installing satellite television in the Durban area. Send us a service request by completing the online form or call us for a quote request on any of our installation services.

With a reputable DSTV installation Breamar service to our clients, we provide efficient services, fast call out times and the best in the business for installing DSTV products and CCTV installations. Our DSTV technicians are perfectly trained to assess and fix signal problems in Breamar, upgrade or replace DSTV satellite dishes.

Our Services

dstv dish

DSTV over Fibre

DSTV Installation Breamar

We specialize in installing DSTV over Fibre. Using a dedicated fibre line – Data & the DStv signal run on separate fibre.


OVHD Installation

DSTV Installation Breamar

Need an alternate option to just DSTV? Install OVHD, no monthly fees just pay for the device and the installation.


LNB Upgrades

DSTV Upgrades Breamar

We provide the latest in Smart LNB’s. Should you need to replace your current LNB or upgrade to a new one.

home theatre

Home Theatre

DSTV Upgrades Breamar

Need your TV room to look good. We are qualified in mounting TV sets and setting up home theatre systems


DSTV Xtraview

DSTV Upgrades Breamar

Watch multiple channels with DSTV XtraView. Let us upgrade your viewing experience to view more than one channel

dstv explora decoder

DSTV Explora Installation

DSTV Installation Breamar

We are accredited DSTV installers. New and upgrades available on any Explora packages

cctv camera

CCTV Installation

CCTV Installation Breamar

Need your TV room to look good. We are qualified in mounting TV sets and setting up home theatre systems

surround sound

Surround Sound

DSTV Upgrades Breamar

Get the best sound quality for your favorite move or while watching sports. Ask us for a quote on installation and setup

dstv dish

Signal Correction

DSTV Installation Breamar

Are you having endless problems with your dish signal. We have the tools to fix it within minutes

Multichoice DSTV

Multichoice DSTV has become a household must for most people living in Breamar, Durban. Providing entertainment, relaxation and a great source of information with all the latest news. Our clients across the Durban are enjoying the benefits of DSTV television on a daily basis. Let us help you embarked on this journey of entertainment which a DSTV installation offers.

DSTV Installation Breamar are just a click away, go and complete our contact form or call the number available should you need any assistance with your DSTV installation services in Breamar. Our technicians are available and ready to service your request. You can have peace of mind knowing that the service will provide quality work on all jobs and fix any problem within minutes. As listed our services include the installation of DSTV products, OHVD decoders, satellite dish upgrades and replacements, surround sound systems setup and CCTV installations.

At DSTV Installer we have the solutions to put you at ease. We do upgrades on all size and makes of satellite dish as well as do satellite dish replacements should you have a rusted dish. Rusted and old worn out satellite dishes are one of the main reasons why you would experience signal problems. 
For best viewing please we provide the DSTV Explora as one of the top selling decoders. The Explora is compatible with Xtraview, we have trained installers ready to setup your installation to view more than one channel on one subscription.

Contact us today and ask us how we can assist you with your needs and visit our FAQ page for helpful tips. Read our guide on how to watch DSTV on multiple devices.

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DStv Explora – Connected Box Tutorial – WiFi with WPS